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Launched in 2021, the Portugal Association of Art and Technology (PAAT) stands as an enduring foundation with a steadfast commitment to serving society locally and globally. At its core, PAAT is driven by the generation of wisdom derived from relevant and industrial research, aiming to create a substantial social and economic impact.

In pursuing its mission, PAAT recognises the innovative potential at the intersection of art and technology. This dynamic relationship has allowed art to embrace and tackle the multifaceted challenges of the contemporary world, with a particular emphasis on social equality, ecological sustainability, and economic development. PAAT acknowledges the profound influence that integrating social sciences, art, culture, and technology can have in overcoming these challenges, underscoring the importance of their interplay.

PAAT explores groundbreaking approaches that transcend traditional boundaries by fostering collaboration and synergy between these diverse disciplines. PAAT seeks to unearth novel solutions by studying art and technology, fueling progress and driving positive change. By harnessing the power of creativity, technical expertise, and critical thinking, PAAT aims to develop innovative strategies that address societal issues, empower communities, and create a sustainable future.

PAAT firmly believes that the fusion of art and technology holds immense potential to shape how we perceive and navigate our complex world. It recognises that when intertwined with technological advancements, artistic expression can inspire, provoke, and stimulate dialogue, fostering a deeper understanding of societal challenges and paving the way for transformative solutions.

As a bastion of solidity, PAAT stands as a beacon for those seeking to bridge the gaps between disciplines, harnessing the power of creativity, and forge new paths towards a better tomorrow. PAAT exemplifies the transformative potential of art and technology in addressing the most pressing issues of our time through its commitment to research, collaboration, and impactful initiatives. PAAT charts a course toward a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future for all by uniting social sciences, art, culture, and technology.


PAAT, the Portugal Association of Art and Technology, is at the forefront of driving business consultancy and expansion, creating new opportunities for both established enterprises and emerging startups. Building upon its solid foundation, PAAT has recently launched an incubation initiative called IDEATO, designed to introduce new business services and models essential for the region’s continued success in a competitive landscape.

Embracing the power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), IDEATO offers a diverse range of cutting-edge ICT-based commercial business services. From streamlined bookkeeping and sales solutions to comprehensive after-sales services and ICT equipment servicing, IDEATO is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of businesses in the digital era. IDEATO enables other economic activities to achieve enhanced efficiency and accelerate their expansion by tailoring service packages to specific requirements or developing innovative delivery mechanisms.

As an incubation centre, IDEATO provides a supportive ecosystem for innovative SMEs. While these businesses may have relied on tried and tested approaches, they recognise the need to innovate in service delivery, marketing strategies, packaging, and pricing to thrive in diverse business environments. By doing so, they can boost the performance of other enterprises, fostering a ripple effect that improves regional competitiveness.

IDEATO works closely with businesses through its consultancy services to identify their unique challenges and develop tailored solutions. Whether refining service delivery methods, implementing effective marketing strategies, or optimising pricing structures, IDEATO offers guidance and expertise to help businesses gain a competitive edge. By leveraging the dynamic relationship between art, culture, and technology, IDEATO brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, unlocking new avenues for growth and success.

By spearheading business consultancy and expansion, PAAT and its IDEATO incubation centre are driving the transformation of the regional business landscape. By facilitating the adoption of cutting-edge ICT solutions and fostering a culture of innovation, they empower businesses to meet the demands of evolving markets and seize new opportunities. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to excellence, PAAT and IDEATO are instrumental in creating an ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship, fosters economic growth, and enhances the region’s overall competitiveness.

Who are we?

Somayeh Gholami

Born in Shiraz, Iran

Based in Lisbon, Portugal

Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Master’s degree in calligraphy from the Society of Iranian Calligrapher.

Lives and work in Lisbon

Her expertise and dedication to the art of calligraphy have allowed her to develop and express her imagination through her compositions, using form, color, and texture to convey various concepts. She has given talks and workshops and participated in solo and group exhibitions.

Elmira Abolhassani

Born in Mashhad, Iran

Based in Lisbon, Portugal 

Studied Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon, Portugal

Lives and works in Lisbon

Elmira is a visual artist whose artistic and life journey attempts to understand the underlying structures of human networks and identities as well as each person’s role and position as an individual node in this complex web. 

Her body of work stems from her belief that one must first attain a clear vision of oneself to fully comprehend significant aspects of our world. 

She chooses glass as her primary tool and in mastering this versatile component, she tries to find and understand herself. 

Elmira’s work was showcased in solo, and group exhibitions and fairs at international galleries in the UK, Norway, China, Portugal, Iran, Italy, France, Germany and Oman

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R. da Liberdade 70,1F 2805-355
Almada, Portugal

Tel : +351 21 274 3148
Phone: 913 966 640
Email : info@paat.pt


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